Kreasi Indah Cemerlang,pt

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Business Type: Exporter Of Sonokeling,ebony,teak,merbau Species
Dsn.bumbungan No.8,ds.sumbersuko
Gempol,pasuruan, East Java 67155
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Tel: +628123017608
Fax: +62343636380

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PT. Kreasi Indah Cemerlang established with 2 main division: wood division and healty food division

Our wood division have manufacturing factory located on Pandaan, East Java, Indonesia. The primary wood is Sonokeling (Indonesian Rosewood),Ebony (Diospyros Celebica), Amara/He Dan B (Diospyros Pilosanthera) such as guitar's fingerboards, veneers, flooring, bridges. Our resources spread along the Indonesia state as our main sources, are well known for its well wood-products. As our commitment to fulfill the customer's need, we offer our product in a way to meet the customer's request like in certain size, composition of grading and some other specific need like for furniture component, musical instruments component, etc.
Healty food division, bird nest (swallow)

We will open with any potential business and give you the best services.


Displaying Sumbersuko, Gempol, Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia

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