Port Numbay International

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Business Type: Exporter & Manufacture Tobacco Virginia & Oriental
Jl. Srikoyo 147 A
Jember, Jawa Timur 68111
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Tel: +62331422543
Fax: +62331422536

Port Numbay International (Port Numbay Leaf Tobacco) is specializing in tobacco products. We supply tobacco and manufacture Shisha, MYO, RYO, regular machine cigarettes and clove cigarettes.

Port Numbay International (Port Numbay Leaf Tobacco) domain manufacturing & processing since 1997 and was established in 2002 and registered 2003-2004 and 2009 in Jember, East Java, one of a well-known cities with good tobacco plantation besides Virginia, Boyolaly, Lombok, Bali, Bojonegoro, Besuki and Lumajang. The location provides us with easy access to the plantation area, warehousing facilities and around 4hrs to the nearest port of Surabaya (SUB) for shipping.


Port Numbay International (Port Numbay Leaf Tobacco) involves in three main businesses Locally and Exportation:

Supplying Un Manufacture and Manufacture Indonesia Tobaccos
Tobacco plantation
Manufacturing semi manufacture blend for cigarettes
Shisha, MYO, RYO, Regular Cigarettes and Clove Cigarettes
Our own plantation in Jember area is grown to support our own production i.e. Shisha, MYO, RYO, and aromatic/clove cigarettes (see the product range here) which are for both local market and export to several countries like Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Egypt, Germany, Poland and Korea.


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