Bali Nirwana Garment

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Business Type: Exporter Of Jackets Made Up Of Fabrics, Mens/boys Trousers & Shorts, Mens/boys Trousers & Shorts, Knitted/crocheted, Womens/girl
Jl. Hos Cokroaminoto Rt. 02/01 Desa Kreo Selatan, Larangan, Tangerang
, Banten 15156
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Tel: (62-21) 7365312
Fax: (62-21) 7365310

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Bali Nirwana Garment is an Exporter located in Banten with the following products available: Jackets Made Up of Fabrics, Mens/Boys Trousers & Shorts, Mens/Boys Trousers & Shorts, Knitted/Crocheted, Womens/Girls Trousers


Displaying Larangan, Indonesia

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